How do I acquire a complete list of functions, commands, etc. available in Calc's VBA?

How do I acquire a complete list of all the VBA functions, VBA commands, VBA parameters, etc. available in Calc?

There is NOT any VBA or VB in the Calc nor in the LibreCffice. The Basic of the LibreOffice (StarBasic) has a good Help.

But there are thousands of the API functions in the LibreOffice what you can call from your Basic macro when you want to control the office suite by macros.
API: Application Programming Interface

That’s not true. Calc has a VBA compatibility layer. It’s not a complete VBA implementation and limited but many things work. See online help.

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Did you intend to ask specifically about what is included by the VBASupport statement, as @erAck wrote about? Perhaps you intended rather to ask about LibreOffice Basic runtime commands. Or you could be asking about UNO, the LibreOffice API.

There are also things like the Collection object which is a VBA feature that is included in LibreOffice Basic. For more on that see Use of collection object in macro basic.

LO is an open source project. The complete list of Basic functions is here. Documentation is here.