How do I adjust the options on the bottom toolbar in LibreCalc

I need to be able to see the sum and average when I have the window at this size, but it hides those options to make room for all this unnecessary stuff at the bottom. It didn’t do this in the version I had on my old comp (, it still showed Average and Sum at the bottom.

Pic for reference of what I’m talking about: libre — ImgBB

It hides the Sum/Average and leaves everything else there. Can I adjust the size or order of these options?

Clicking on the Formula button and having it print out the sum or average in the cell below it will not work for what I need, and the cells used to figure out the sum/average will always be changing constantly. I need to be able to just highlight them and see the sum and average outside of the cells themselves.


Please see my answer in this post → Show sum of cells in Calc’s status bar