How do i change a color photo to black-and-white

how do i change a color photo to black-and-white

possible duplicate of [Convert colour image to black&white within LO5, Writer?]

Hello @brannjg,

  1. Activate the Toolbar called Image via the menu View : Toolbars : Image;
  2. Select your color photo by clicking on it;
  3. In the Toolbar Image, click on the “Image Mode” listbox ( the one that says “Default” ), and select the item Black/White;

HTH, lib

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You find the Color mode selection in the sidebar too.

It might be that color mode Grayscale fits your purpose better.

A different way is using the image filter “Aging” with a Aging degree of 0%. The Filter drop-down is in the Drawing toolbar. You need to enable it, it is hidden in default.

There are differences in the methods:

  • The Color mode tool does not really change the image, but put only the information into the document, that it has to be displayed in black/white. That means, that the original image is still in the file and you can switch back to full color. Depending on the original format it might be, that a png-image is stored in addition.
  • The Aging filter changes the image. The colored version is lost and you have only the black/white version in the file. The filter result is stored as png-image. The Aging filter cannot be used for linked images.