How do I compare two spreadsheet files?

I have a series of files which are essentially forms. Each one has different info entered while some of it remains the same. I’d like to be able to compare any two of these files to see what info or formulas are different.

I found the “Compare Document…” item in the Edit menu, but doesn’t seem to work. I select a file to compare the current spreadsheet to and it brings up a dialog box, “Accept or Reject Changes” which is empty. I tried turning on “Changes, Record”, make changes and repeat the “Compare Document…” function and it warns me that it is leaving recording mode. If I say ok it brings up the same empty “Accept or Reject Changes” dialog box. How is this command supposed to work?

Is there an easier way to see the changes from one copy of this form to another?

Need an answer for this…

Don’t know why this was closed. The “answer” says it works, but it doesn’t work for me. I guess there’s no one here to help figure out why.

It has been moved to Edit > Track Changes > Compare Document

When I have used this function, the dialog box contains a list of differences with a basic description of their cell location and the differing values. Clicking an entry in the list highlights the cell in the spreadsheet where the difference occurred.

To use it:

  • Open Document B
  • Click Edit > Compare Document
  • Choose Document A
  • The resulting dialog should list the differences

This works too easy (LO 5.4)