How do I convert straight quotes to typographic quotes?

"Onene” "twonene” "two”:

Not a specific Mac issue, David. I get the same error on v. (x64) on Windows 7 64-bit, without playing with the code either…

Now updated. If you test, please add some feedback here about whether it’s working for you. Thanks!

When I first ran the macro, I got the following error: undo = ThisComponent.UndoManager Basic Runtime Error Property or method not found.
I rem’d that line; ran the program again and there was another undo-related error. I rem’d out that line; same thing happened again. Without the three Undo-related lines, the program ran fine. If someone is worried about undo…I don’t know how to restore that functionality. The macro is a great fix.

Here’s what I finally came up with:
Do the Find & Replace (CTRL+H) > use the “More Options” drop-down, and select [x] Regular expressions. (as suggested above)
In the “Search For” box, type in "<
In the “Replace With” box, type CTRL+0147 (the ASCII number for a curly left quote).
Then click “Replace all”. This should take care of all of your left quote marks.
Go back to CTRL+H, and in the “Search for” box, simply type in ".
In the “Replace with” box, type CTRL+0148 (the ASCII number for a curly right quote).
Click “Replace all,” and all of your curly quotes should be taken care of.
You can do the same thing with single quotes, just replace the " with a ', use CTRL+0145 for a left single, and CTRL+0146 for a right single.

I tried this and it literally replaced the apostrophe with the ASCII code.