How do I convert to acrobat pdf?

I keep asking this question and y’all keep running me in circles!

  1. Can not see that you ever asked that question, if looking into your profile.
  2. What is acrobat pdf? The only thing known is PDF
  3. Do you really need a human link provider? Ok - see LibreOffice Help - Export as PDF

Hi Victorg,

To start PDF is a Portable Digital Format and there are many different providers these days, but long ago acrobat might have been the founder of PDF, you can Google the history.

First, open the document you would like to convert to PDF in LO then click on file → Export → then select PDF from the dropdown menu under file type select where you want to save the PDF. Now you will have an acrobat readable PDF file. There is a method that cut two clicks but it currently does not function as it’s intended to.

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