How do I create a cross-reference to a heading in Writer

What steps would I take to create a cross-reference to a heading?
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see HEADING for more details

  1. Insert > Cross-reference. Alternatively, open the “Fields” dialog (Insert > Field > More Fields or Ctrl+F2) and click the Cross-references tab.
  2. Select “Headings” under Type and “Reference” under Insert reference to.
  3. A list of headings should appear. Select one and click the Insert button.

Edit: Improved as per @jimk’s comment. Revisions for clarity.

Insert → Cross-reference requires fewer steps.

OK, it does enter the title of the heading if ‘Reference’ is selected. Items in the table of contents are link-able (clicking while holding down the left Ctrl key). The cross reference is not link-able. Is it possible to make it link-able?

When I click on the cross-reference of a heading, it jumps to the heading. Tested with LO starting with a blank document.

Ah, I’ve gotten so used to having to open the Fields dialog that I completely overlooked the shortcut. Thanks @jimk.