How do I create a multi-level/multi-paragraph style that functions as a list?

I’m trying to create a list style that has a different paragraph style associated with each list level and that acts like a list.

For example, a numbered list with increasing decimal numbering (1, 1.1, 1.1.1), such that the first level (1) has pre-paragraph spacing of 0.15" and the second level (1.1) has pre-paragraph spacing of 0.05".

I can create the list style that implements the desired numbering scheme (e.g., 1, 1.1, 1.1.1). I can create two different paragraph styles (e.g., style1 has 0.15" pre-paragraph spacing above the paragraph; style2 has 0.05" pre-paragraph spacing). I can even link the list style and a specific list level to each of the different paragraph styles (e.g., style 1 is level 1 of the liststyle).

What I haven’t been able to do is use tab/shift-tab to demote/promote a paragraph style. As a result, I end up with a bunch of list level 2 items that have paragraph style 1 (e.g., has numbering of the 1.1 style, but pre-paragraph spacing of 0.15").

Is there a way to link a paragraph style to a list style level (as opposed to, or in addition to, linking a list style level to a paragraph style), or is there a way to use tab/shift-tab to orderly shift between paragraph styles (e.g., when on style 1, I press ‘tab’ which changes the paragraph to style 2, ‘tab’ again changes the paragraph to style 3, and so on; while pressing ‘shift-tab’ on paragraph style 3 would change it to style 2, and pressing it again would change the paragraph from style 2 to style 1)?

If I understand what you’re asking, I think you want Tools -> Outline Numbering.

That dialog box will allow you to associate a paragraph style with each level of numbering. Once you have set this up, you then hit Tab or Shift+Tab when the cursor is at the beginning of a paragraph, and it will properly switch the paragraph between numbered levels and associated paragraph styles.

Yes, Tools → Outline Numbering in LibreOffice is equivalent to defining Multilevel lists in MS Office (2010).

This might need to be reopened as at 2019-10-10 (Lo here):
a) there is no longer a Tools → Outline Numbering menu option
b) Bullets and Numbering dialog “Customize” tab has a “Character style” but no “paragraph style” setting
c) when selecting an existing multi level list, and applying (say double clicking) the “List 1” style, then LO removes all the levels, i.e. all levels become “level 1” numbering.

Should I open a (new) bug or question, or should this question be reopened?

ToolsOutline Numbering had been renamed to ToolsChapter Numbering. The Tools menu has only two “numbering” elements (the mentioned Chapter Numbering, and also Line Numbering), so possibly it would not be difficult to figure by yourself :wink:

Added my responses to the new question:

When I read the first line of the original question

trying to create a list style that has a different paragraph style associated with each list level and that acts like a list.

and understand it correct I would say that this is not possible because a list style can be linked to a paragraph style but not the other way round.

However, keeping reading in the question I can imagine that you want to create a different style for various levels of “headings” where you want to define the style of the heading as well as the style of the following text (=paragraph style). If so, I would try it like this:

    - modify existing headings or create a new headings
    - define the paragraph styles for each of you headings
    - set in each of your new or modified headings in 
Organizer/Next Style the paragraph style you like to have for various headings