How do I increase the size of the font in the Formula Bar?

The font in the Formula Bar is too minuscule for me. How do I increase the font size.

Patrick Evers

I too find the font too small, I can increase size of cells but have to change the values in the formula bar. My eyesight isn’t as good as it was 70 years ago !

I agree, the font is small, it is very annoying when
when you need to copy formulas in the classroom !
Fixing this would be a great improvement for the teaching environment.

LibreOffice preferences>LibreOffice>View>User interface>Scaling and increase the size as much as you want. 150% worked for me.

See this answer for LibreOffice 5.X

How do you increase fontsize on the LibeOffice (writer) toolbar and dropdown meuns??

“Hal, increasing the user interface scale will accomplish what you need. Go to Tools > Options. Under LibreOffice, select View. Then find the Scaling option under User Interface. The default value is 100%. Increase this number until the font size is functional for you. Thanks for using LibreOffice.”