How do I insert JSON API (GET) data into a Calc spreadsheet?

I’d like to insert data from a JSON API (GET method) into a LibeOffice Calc spreadsheet and have it updated after certain intervals. I have a URL and the JSON output is simple text.
The information about this is very scarce online and the methods described no longer work.

Frequently asked questions - Calc - The Document Foundation Wiki -
This wiki site described the “Insert” → “Link to external data” method. The problem is that in LibreOffice 5, this option is no longer even there. In LO4, it’s there, but it doesn’t work with the JSON output (I could set the separator symbols, but after finishing, there is no response, and the “OK” button is grayed out).

Inserting External Data in Table (WebQuery) - LibreOffice Help -
This site speaks of an import filter called Web Page Query, but it doesn’t handle URLs. -
This is supposedly an LibreOffice extension to do achieve something similar, but there is no release available and the code on GitHub hasn’t been touched for 2 years.

Could anyone help me out? It would be highly appreciated.

LibreCalc should support modern REST APIs, which return JSON, by implementing a “FILTERJSON” function similar to FILTERXML. Here’s the feature request.

There is not method in LO to handle JSON files directly. I have done it using macros and external utilities ( see this link ).

Is it possible to JSON API calls now, is there any news, dev updates?

Not familiar with it myself, but you may want to look at Python.