How do I make the header appear on every page?

I am having trouble reaching the header settings where I make the header appear on every printed page. I would appreciate assistance on how this is done.

Open Format > Page... > Header, then check the box for “Header On”. Here you can also change the formatting for the header. This will affect the current page style, that is, the style for the page where the cursor is. It will probably be “Default Style”. For the same header on all pages, this is what you want.

Alternatively, click in the top margin, then click the blue box labeled (probably) “Header (Default Style)”, and immediately add content to the header.

In either case, the blue box that appears when you click in the header will now give a drop-down menu including “Format Header”, which leads to the same menu as above.

Note that as soon as you require a single page to have a different (or no) header, you will have to use multiple page styles.