how do i mirrior text

how do i get mirror image text

You should try to be even more precise.
Do you actually want to get a graphical object showing a given text like viewed in a mirror?

See Mirror image text?

For just plain weird, you could try this website, Mirror your text translator, that replaces characters that might be viewed as a back-to-front letters but that will not be machine readable either.

You seem to know that you need text being bound to a graphical object (“image”?)
There is the old bug tdf#35913 which doesn’t allow the “obvious and simple solution” to use Flip Horizontally. A fix sems to be difficult.
You need to use Draw to convert the original text containing ghraphical object (shape) to a bitmap or a metafile… to be able to correctly flip it horizontally, but after the conversion, the text is no longer editable.

Vertical flipping isn’t afflicted by the mentioned bug.

I don’t know if I am allowed to post links. I have made a simple program. It is for Windows. You can reverse text. You can also invert text. The name is PoundText and it is Open source and you can find it at sourceforge.

The alternative would be to write a macro for Writer.

@compressor_nickel: sorry for the confusion between you and OP (already tired this morning?). Nevertheless, give your definition of “mirror”. Do you really mean “reversed” text like “cba” for " abc" instead of the view in a mirror (which is not possible easily with common fonts)?

@Lupp: can you delete my faulty comment? We can’t delete our own comments after 10 minutes.

@compressor_nickel: I don’t think there are objections against a lnk to sourceforge:
Concerning LibreOffice an extension in .oxt format would be preferred.
But: “…It can turn your text upside down. …” Upside down isn’t a problem in Draw or in Writer for text contained in shapes. It’s “Left side right” (flip horizontally) what can’t be done there.