How do I open an old version of access datab se in base/

I have a database created using probably Access 2003. I need to recover the files and the work how can I open this db?


You can connect base to an Access database but you will only get the data - tables. You will not get forms or reports or macros. That is an MS Office capability.

You do not state your operating system. There is a JDBC connection you can use. See this post for links to installing this connector → How to create data source for MDB database?

Just following along, for the sake of learning. I was not able to “see” my sample MS Access MDB database. When I attempted to use the ODBC option, I received the message that was missing. I am using Mint 19.3. was installed thorough apt-get install unixodbc. See missing. please help - #2 by qubit1. That cleared the issue. I manually added by MS Access database to the registered list. But I was unable to go any further.

PS: Ran across this tutorial: [Tutorial] MS Access and OOo Base (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum
MDB tools is available in the Mint 19.3 repository.


There is no known method in Linux to connect via ODBC.

See answer, comments and Bug links here → How to create data source for MDB database?

I read that. “Solutions” are ephemeral over time. Just exploring the possibilities that may have since emerged as a learning experience. I am no longer using Access. Gave it up years ago. Now using Mariadb.