how do I open csv files in libre Office 6.0 in windows 10

I download my bank details as csv files. LO opens an import screen showing the file as separated by tabs plus commas.
All commas except the first two are ignored so what I get is colA date, ColB ref, colC all other data in one block. All this is on line 1. Help please!
Peter R

Have you tried the way gabix commented? Open with…

When you “open” your CSV file in LibreOffice, you should get a dialog that looks something like this:


You should be shown, in the table immediately below those options, a preview of how your data will be manages in the worksheet.

Which of those Separator Options you choose depends on the characteristics of the CSV file you’re importing.

Do you know if the larger “fields” use the " for a string delimiter? It sounds as if the data in your CSV is not corresponding to the choices made for these options. Of course, without a sample input CSV (which for obvious reasons you probably prefer not to share – unless you can concoct one for us with dummy values?), it will be very difficult to know for certain what is going wrong in your case.

(And it could be that all of this is already known to you!) HTH, all the same.

Good answer. One more detail: to get that dialog window for sure l, you have to manually select the respective file type in the file type field. The problem, as I understand, emerges because the file type is not selected, and the file opens in Writer as a plaintext file.