How do I uninstall LibreOffice 4.1 from Mac OSX Mavericks?

Tried to uninstall program from Launchpad. When the icon was wiggling, LibreOffice’s icon did not have a delete ‘X’. How do I unistall the program? Can I just delete it from the apps folder?

OP: @BjDunn42

Yes, just delete the apps folder.

If you want to remove your user data (your custom configuration) as well, delete the folder from ~/Library/Application Support/libreoffice

Thanks! Works now.

Should have done my homework. Deleted the .app file and recursively removed the “user” files in ~/Library/Application Support/libreoffice/3 and /4. Reinstalled, and 4.1.4 works fine.

You could use a third-party application like AppCleaner to safely remove all components of LibreOffice.