how do i use LIBREOFFICE on 2 computers?

i need to occasionally use a laptop when away from my main computer, i use a hard drive for all my info, can i transfer updates i make to spreadsheets like that? thank you

If you mean an external storage device that you can plug into either computer, then yes. Obviously you will need to have LO on both machines.

If your situation is not as I have described, please explain in more detail.

yes, that is what i meant… thank you

Perfect, I use a lot of time and I directed in the Tools / Options / LibreOffice / Paths the folders AutoCorrect, AutoText and Templates, in this way the 2 computers that I have are with this information synchronized.

Thanks, I did not know I could also change paths for that, as I use auto correct a lot, for books of the Bible and other odd names in it. Great idea!

I do the same, but I am using a cloud, (for 10 or more years) very safe to store files in and is always ready from any computer that is online. Easier than carrying a hard drive around. I use dropbox .com. which gives 2gb of free storage, but there are many others. Not like google drive cloud, but one that automatically saves every file and folder under there folder name in each computer you install dropbox in. A very handy tool to safely store files in.