How do I wholly and fully disable autocorrections, spell checking and grammar checking in Writer?

How do I fully and wholly and without exception completely disable all spellchecking, autocorrecting and automatic modifications of any and all writing that I do in Writer, all throughout the application, in every context?

I need full control over my document without Writer trying to change the syntax, spelling or structure for me.

Thanks in advance

Think what you’re looking for is ToolsOptionsLanguage settingsWriting aids and deselect everything. Next wold be ToolsAutocorrection and deselect While writing.

Think that should be enough.

Just curious: why would you like to do that? I don’t think that grammar checking is that much intrusive and might be helpful actually. If you have many words that are not in spell check dictionary, you could add them to custom dictionary. It’s also possible to tone down grammar checking.

Thanks a lot for the answer, that worked perfectly. I really appreciate you taking the time to help. :slight_smile:

As for why I needed this, I just don’t think that autocorrect is a very effective tool. I’d rather run a check after finishing writing rather than having to deal with incorrect corrections forced on me throughout the writing process. It really disrupts the flow.

But again, thanks a lot!

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