How do you draw a line in LibreOffice Draw ?

How to use draw

Menu/Help/LibreOffice help.

If you can not see the draw toolbar, select in Menu/View/Toolbars/Drawing
Select the line icon.
Right-click to begin the line and drag up to line end.

The answer for how to draw was completely unsatisfactory!

I go to libra office draw toolbar, seem to select all available
options for line size color type etc and and am not able to draw
a line. Drag and drop always seems to display a rectangle of dashed
lines. All of the available instructions do not tell one how
to draw a line. It should not be this complicated !

I am not that much of a nerd - but can not draw a simple line.

Look at mariosv’s answer above. It took me ages to realize there’s another toolbar along the bottom of LibreOffice Draw. Select the “line” icon there, it’s easy after that.

That’s the best answer: by default, “Draw” has a drawing Toolbar at the bottom (the most unintuitive place, compared to any Office program), while line thickness & co Toolbar at the top in the most visible place. And the default cursor is not drawing cursor but select/move cursor.

How about the online help:

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A beginner’s guide on drawing different types of line in Draw - here: