How do you set a user defined or custom paper size?

I’m trying to print labels 36mm by 89mm. The page setup is fine on the libre office document. But the print page sizes are all large so it wastes many labels.

I just want to set the correct custom page size?

How is your sheet like? Is is an array of labels, say 6×3? In which case, the document should reflect this layout. Easiest way is to File>New>Labels where you can describe both labels and sheet.

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From your question I think you want to print just some of labels in a sheet then, at some time in the future, print more labels from the same sheet.

I have a bad habit of reading instructions; the labels we used to use said not to print partial sheets nor to run multiple passes through a printer. I guess it was for a laser printer as the heat causes problems and labels get unstuck inside the printer but the instructions didn’t differentiate between types of printer

If you are printing partial sheets then you might be better off setting up a table on a page matching the label layout so you can select which cells to fill after your first print run

It seems libreoffice gets the predefined paper sizes from the printer driver. You will need to go set a custom paper size from the printer properties.

In Windows 10:
Control panel > Administrative Tools > Print management

From within print management
All Printers > [your label printer] > right click > Properties

From within printer properties. This may vary depending on your printer model, so things might not work out the same for everyone.

Select the “stocks” tab
Find an option that lets you define a new label size
Name the new definition and define the label size in width and height.
After confirming, go back to libreoffice and print something (a restart of libreoffice may be required). You should see your newly defined size in the list of options.

A more generic solution does not need to tweak the print driver:

  1. untick Paper tray from printer settings in Tools>Options, LibreOffice Writer>Print
    Bonus: LO will start faster in case your printer is offline because LO will not probe the printer and have to wait for a time-out.
  2. define your custom paper size in Default Page Style or any other page style you’ll use

However, a final issue remains. When you print, you need to select a supported paper size (usually bigger than the custom size). Depending on the driver, the custom may be centrered in the physical page or flushed to some edge. This is important to feed correctly your custom sheet into the printer.