How to call a simple C/C++ function from a Basic macro

I work as a software analyst/developer (PhD level) and after I looked at the SDK and I got the impression that it is boycotted by its own developers or directors.
I suppose one of the priorities for “Calc” is to provide an interface to custom functions from external shared libraries (.so in Linux), in a simple way like Microsoft Excel with VBA and C/C++ DLL.

My question is very simple:
How could call a simple C/C++ function from a shared library in Linux that adds 1 + 1 = 2.
For instance:
void add(long n1, long n2, long *n3);
Is the “Declare” statement suppose to work in LibreOffice Basic? Or is replaced by something else?
Please provide a simple example.
I would deeply appreciate that and I would try to add the LibreOffice site into my donations.
Thank you.

I am not sure what is supposed to be achieved by the SDK; probably to manipulate elements of LibreOffice Documents externally. But don’t you think that a significant priority is to have a decent interface between macros (“Basic”) and C/C++ for simple calculations like 1 + 1 = 2?

There is an OpenOffice Forum dedicated to using external programs which might help you.

See - OO Forum .

I’ve no answer to your question but feel I must point out that ooBasic doesn’t actually use integer at all. It uses floating point and rounds which wasted several days of my time. Something I just didn’t expect and a 1st for any compiler I have ever used.

Personally I found the lack of Basic like syntax function to manipulate spreadsheets really disappointing. The easiest solution seems to be to write more macro’s to provide them with the UNO facilities.