How to change code LibreOffice impress and draw to achive translucent effect top layer text on vidoe object

Hey. How or when can this ( Cool and simple to achieve effect in PowerPoint - rectangle with translucent text as top layer on to 2D video object) be done in LibreOffice impress and draw?
Tutorial for simply describe what function is missing:

I have made a test. Making the font transparent should not be a problem. Even if the video is placed behind the font, the video is always prioritized to the front when playing.
I think there is no way to do this in Impress.
Try using a video editing program and include the see-through text there in the video.

English documentation

It’s only small change code in the LibreOffice draw - have this functionally of merging 2D ( intersect ). If change how LibreOffice Draw then add in to Impress - is the treating of video object like normal 2D object. Workaround/hack for now is make static image with transparent text in GIMP/Krita. But when we want fast replace font or change text size, change colour, add gradinet to background of this mask, etc it’s to slow pipeline. Using editing video software it to powerful for this simple change in code-base of LibreOffice Draw and Impress. The best solution to develop more simple yet powerful options like this is watch tutorials for Powerpoint.

If you want to change code and contribute to the LibreOffice project, you should register with the developers to do it yourself. Get Involved

Or you can write a feature request on Bugzilla.

Here on this website users help other users. No way to change code.

This is - so i Ask :wink:

Another tutorial using similar technic:

Next similar function on: