How to change datasource in form letter / mail merge imported from MS-Word


I have a form letter, i.e. a document previously written in MS-Word which contacts data pulled from a MYSQL database via Microsoft-ODBC query. When I open the document (saved as odt) in LibreOffice the form fields correctly show as field, but they’re still all pointing to the Microsoft-ODBC Query.

Within MS-Word the ability exisits to select a new datasource, which then updates all form fields to the new one - I tried selecting the datasource in LibreOffice but it doesn’t update the exiting fields.

If Edit|Exchange Database doesn’t work, then try to edit the fields directly, (i.e. put the cursor in front of a field and choose Edit|Fields… or use “Fields…” from the context-menu when right-clicking a field), you can change the database association.

But the point of the Exchange Database function is exactly your usecase and described as such in help

For example, if you inserting address
fields in a form letter from an
address database, you can then
exchange the database with another
address database to insert different

so it would be worth to file a bug if you can reproduce with a new document.