How to change password on AskLO?

With the change in the AskLO engine, it does not look possible to change easily one’s account password.

The difficulty doesn’t come only from the change of the engine but also by the implementation of an SSO (single sign-on) service over all TDF sites. This means the credentials are no longer “local” to AskLO but are shared by all TDF sites. Therefore you must access the credentials server to make any modification.


  1. go to the sign-up page
    Note it is different from the connection page to AskLO!
  2. enter your credentials
  3. you can then manipulate your account

This Q&A replaces the obsolete question 85926

And @Hrbrgr who is a very tidy man has added the information in the pinned This is the Guide: how to use the Ask site? so that almost anything necessary to navigate comfortably across the site is located at a single place.


Also worth to point to your very own other answer ;- ) Maybe combine both?