How to change rtf files to odt files

I want all of my rtf files to become odt files. But, I don’t know how to do it. Because, I can hardly read my text when it is that small. Eric

(not sure how it is related to the question though.
rather expect odt text to be as small as in rtf :wink: )

Open your files with Writer then save as .odt.

By accident, I found out what to do. It really is quite simple. Somehow, I had moved the slider at the bottom right-hand side from 100% to 45%. The slider really is very small and hard to see. And, it makes no difference whether I want an rtf file or odt file.
The problem and its the solution were to adjust the screen size of what I had been typing, Thank God.
Eric MMTB1234

Other possibilities for Zoom size:

  • Ctrl+Mouse-scroll
  • View > Zoom and choose a % size or other option such as Optimal

.rtf is a proprietary Microsoft format that is deprecated; .ods is a current ISO standard