How to change the installer language?

Tried to install this after a couple of years, but looks like it still has the same problem: the installation language defaults to one that I cannot read. Which makes it impossible to select which components I’m installing, etc.

So how do I switch it to use English (in Windows 7)?

Note: The tricks mentioned in the past threads, such as appending ‘TRANSFORMS=:2047 UI_LANGS=en_GB’ don’t work. The only thing that changes is the initial popup, but everything after that is unreadable.

Please see my comment in this post, and make sure you have downloaded the correct language for installation.

Didn’t work. I tried downloading the one from Download LibreOffice | LibreOffice - Free Office Suite - Based on OpenOffice - Compatible with Microsoft, but that still defaults to the wrong language.

I also tried installing the help pack first. That installer was in English, but I don’t see what good that does if I can’t install the main pack.

Please try this: Go to Control Panel, Region, Administrative tab, and see whether you need to change system locale to the language of your choice. (I am on Windows 10, hope you can find you way there in Windows 7.) Then reboot Windows and try again with the LibreOffice installation.

Well… I had already set the locale to United Kingdom, which didn’t help.

However, changing the time/date format to UK caused the installer to switch to English. Which seems odd. But hey, it works. Thanks.

Fantastic! Very happy to have helped, even in this indirect way! Well done!