How to change typeface/font of operators in LibreOffice Math

I’d like to change the default typeface of formulas. I do know, how to change the typeface for numbers, variables, etc. but the operators like +, -, -->, etc. are not affected by the font of the numbers, which for me was the closest to operators. Is it possible to change them? I want to use CMU font from Latex, so I’m sure, that the characters are supported by the font.

You can’t.


See related question:

There are really serious bugs concerning Math like tdf#32362 without any progress in ten years.
The symbols font may basically be fix, imo. However, it needs a technical “upgrade”.
Is there someone in the know concerning fonts who might implement symbols needing to be scalable with less ugly results?

I’ve personally given up on playing with the fonts in “native” LibreOffice equations; I can’t get it quite right - and the spacing and positioning is deficient anyway.

So, I’ve have opted for sticking to the tried-and-true TeX world, using this extension:

it’s pretty stable and seems to do the job.

The presentation of the extension you linked to doesn’t count a single feedback. Do you know the reason?
(Seems to be frequent in the current extensions site for LibO. Were there older feedbacks/reports omitted due to a new setup of the site? What else")

For me, this solution doesn’t suit that well. If I use LibreOffice, one reason is the accessibility. Using extensions makes it difficult to open this document in the future, if one doesn’t know about the extension.

I already wrote in the bug tracker about that and it seems to be an old problem, that no one touched since years. I found another hack how to deal with the problem, which is font replacement. The problem in my opinion is, that the font, which is used for the symbols just sucks. The symbols are not even consistent in it’s own style. Another problem is, that the mapping between the keywords and the symbols is compiled into the program.

One can use the Replacement Table (Options → Fonts) to substitute OpenSymbol with FreeSerif. FreeSerif is much more consistent and has more characters and as I saw covers all the used symbols. Just some minor issues, like a small gap using roots, apply but in general it looks much better because +, – and arrows have the same style.