how to compose a spreadsheet

Never have composed a spreadsheet i.e. # of columns etc. Please help STEP BY STEP!! Thanks

  1. Decide one what data you want to
    store and or analyze.
  2. Define the field names for the data
    and enter these horizontally,
    vertically, or both ways.
  3. Enter data in the cells that make up
    the rows and columns of the
  4. Add formulas in the formular bar to
    compute values based on entered
  5. Apply formatting to data such as
    currency and date formats, to name a
  6. Next to get some visually appealing
    structure and design make use of
    visual elements such as grid lines
    and text areas.
  7. Add graphs to graph out data.

The list goes on but that is one way of looking at how one creates a spreadsheet.
Next I suggest you to google up some examples of spread sheets and also watch some videos on the subject.
The handbook for LibreOffice Calc is here: Calc Guides | LibreOffice Documentation - Your documentation for LibreOffice

For good instructive videos watch these: LibreOffice: Calc - Homepage