how to create a table for printing adressed labels ?

Création de Base de données et tables LibreOfficeBase
Création d’étiquettes LibreOfficeWriter

I have created a dataBase document with a Table which appeares in the part Table of the Base document. Though when I try to create my adressed labels and I’m asked to choose a Base,the Table I have created does not appeared in the window. I don’t see why

Furthermore, now both my opened document (writer and Base) are all grey, just the title is visible…

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It appears you may not have registered the database when it was created. Select Tools->Options click on arrow next to LibreOffice Base (left column), select Datebases. If your Base file is listed in right pane, it is another problem. If your Base file is not listed, select New and Find/point to your .odb file. Select OK then OK again. Open your Writer document again and the table should now be listed.