How to delete extra page

How to delete extra page at end of document?

You can’t because pages do not exist per se. They are allocated on demand to accommodate text extent. If you have a last blank page, there is content you don’t see.

Enable View>Formatting Marks so that empty paragraphs are made visible.

Put you cursor in the very last paragraph and use the Bksp (backspace) key to erase the trailing empty paragraphs. When the last page is no longer needed, it disappears.

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Thank you for the answer and I am truly sorry for the vague question. This is my first time using this program and I was not sure if my question went through. I probably asked the same question several times. Thank you very much!

I had success by doing the similar thing on the blank page. First I turned on the view formatting marks, then I placed the cursor before the very first formatting mark on the blank page and then pressed backspace. The extra page disappeared!