How to disable cell referencing for xls file

How can cell referencing be completely disabled for calc application

Context missing. Calc is about spreadsheets, which are built around formulas referencing other cells. But possibly you need to be able to write some text into cells which looks like formulas? then simply set default cell style to have Text cell formatting (or simply select all and apply Text format in cell formatting) before entering anything to cells. Please expand on your requirements/use case to be able to suggest something.

I want to disable the access of other spreadsheets data through cell referencing. If it is happening in the same sheet thats not an issue.

Perhaps you are looking for the Edit - Links - Break Link command?

I want to disable addition of links too

Ha! Do you mean call this function (Break Link) after each edit cell or recalculate sheet? So, small macro on event “Formulas calculated”, why not?

BreakLink works for a specific link, not all the links as far as I understand. Also is there any such event “Formulas calculated”?

There’s no such an option in Calc. A use case for this is still unclear (why could one need to disable referencing across different spreadsheets), but even if there’s a valid case, it would be so niche that there would be no reason to implement such mode.

We are building a solution over the framework… where we want to disable the cell referencing for some security reasons. setting UpdateDocMode to false is working for ods file completely but its working only partially for microsoft office extensions. Why is it so?

/me cannot decode the text in your comment. “its working only partially for microsoft office extensions” means what exactly? and why isn’t that a question on its own, with detailed description? with possibility to create a bug report later if it turns out to be a defect?

loading a file with updateDocMode doesn’t load the already existing links but loads all the data if a new link is added for microsoft office extensions but for ods file it doesnt update the newly referenced link also and shows a zero in place of data. I can add that as a different question.