How to Download When Unreachable?


I’ve tried to download the latest LibreOffice for over a week now but is unreachable. I’ve tried both Firefox and Safari on Mac and both fail.

Q1: Is anyone aware this server is down?

Q2: What happened to the page where we could select our mirror? I’ve poked around the site and don’t see it.




Click on Info and Hashes, and select a mirror:


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Q1 (HTTP and FTP) works for me (Firefox/Windows).

Thank you.

First, I hadn’t noticed the “info and hashes” link or I didn’t realized it was a way to access other mirrors.

Second, is suddenly working again. Funny, I checked it on three different days over the past week and it was down each time.

But the “info and Hashes” link is the real gem.

Bummer. Don’t have enough points to up-vote your answer.

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