How to enable Print Preview in Draw

I can’t use Print Preview in LibreOffice Draw. I click the icon and tried to open it using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + O but nothing happens. It works in all of the other applications.

I don’t think Draw has a print preview. For what reason should it?

To show what my document looks like before I decide to print it. It has the button to do it, but as my question asked it does not work.

That’s what a print preview is supposed to do. But in case of a drawing what you see during editing is very close to a preview. This may be the reason for what a print preview in Draw not was implemented.
Where is the button you are talking of? I don’t know such a button, and I cannot find the functionality listed when trying to customize.

File: Print Preview. It is located in the print area of the Notebook bar.

May be a bug of the Notebook bar. (I never use it.)

See 123279/print-preview-function-missing-in-draw

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