How to extract URL by 'Graphic' API?

We would like to extract URL information by ‘Graphic’ API insted of ‘GraphicURL’ API.
But an error occurs.
‘GraphicURL’'s paramater is String-type but ‘Graphic’'s paramater is Object-type.
We read the “Graphic” API’s infomation on this site but couldn’t find useful information.
Could you give us the infomation about the way to Set and Get by ‘Graphic’ API, or some sample code?
Thank you in advance for your kind assistance.

Please see these:

  1. .GraphicURL no longer works in
  2. Tomaz's dev blog: Improving the image handling in LibreOffice - Part 1
  3. tdf#117427

If they don’t provide enough information, then please clarify what is the intended usage scenario?

Hi, Mike.
Thank you for your comment.
Thanks to your advice, we have succeeded to find the way to get URL by Graphic.
Thank your for your kind assistance.