How to I add a frame around a table?

Hi everyone,

I am editing a document with a large number of tables and I want to add captions to each table in the document.

I’d like to have a frame around each table, or have writer add one automagically when I add a caption, pretty much in the same way it works for images.

What I am getting now, after adding a caption to a table is a caption as a paragraph immediately below the table.

All is fine and well if the table takes 100% of the page’s width, but if the table is narrower than that it can become ugly for two reasons:

  1. If the caption is too long, it doesn’t wrap nicely around the limits of the table
  2. If the table is centred, the caption will most likely be mis-aligned with the table’s leftmost edge.

Is there any way that I can configure writer to add the frame automatically so that the table and the caption play nicely with eachother?

Thanks in advance!

The thread here offers workaround instructions for placing a table inside a frame. Also note this thread about the (mild) problem this creates with selection.