How to Invoke Crash Reporter after Crash

How to invoke Crash Reporter after Crash?

LibreOffice 3.4.3 (OOO340m1 (Build:302)) Crashed after copy/paste, but recovery option did not recover all 3 open files. How do I manually invoke Crash reporter to see what crashed, and recover (2) secondary files.

Initial Launch of LO causes recovery tool to start but,after Initial File is recovered,then 2nd and3rd file cannot be recovered. Instructions show 'CLICK NEXT to go to error report tool, but no joy, goes straight to new document.

Win XP SP2, 256M Ram

That’s → Bug 37206 - Recovery window shows error report text

Status: RESOLVED FIXED (version 3.5.0)

From comment #4:

“Changed the config to also be “false”
for crash reporter installed, which is
the case.
The crash reporter isn’t
there in our builds. Not yet anyway,
maybe never.”

(See also the duplicates fdo#43042, fdo#42417.)

Hi @Canada_LibreOffice_Cobourg,

Good question!

I’m not sure that manually invoking the Crash Reporter after your crash is going to tell you what previously crashed. You might be able to dig some information out of the log files, but the developers might be your best bet for information about the Crash Reporter itself – I don’t see any documentation up on either the TDF wiki or in the Online Help wiki for LO.

You might want to take a look at some of the QA webpages. There’s one about backtracing on Windows that might be somewhat relevant for your purposes.