How to iterate over dialogs

I would like to iterate over the dialogs available but I don’t know the object models involved. Something of the following style is what I want:

for each dialog library
for each dialog
next dialogue
next library

Is this even possible?


use mri for introspection!

as a startingpoint:

sub scripts_and_dialogs
    scriptlibs = createUnoService("")
    for each name in scriptlibs.ElementNames
        print name
    dialogs = createUnoService("")
end sub

How does one install mri? I went to Home · hanya/MRI Wiki · GitHub and clicked on Installation and I got: Installation · hanya/MRI Wiki · GitHub

It says: “Install MRI extension package using Extension Manager from Tools - Extension Manager entry of main menu bar.” So I opened LO and went to Tools | Extension Manager and searched for MRI and click on it. Then it says: “Install Instructions Fill in the install instructions” Hun? lol

@EasyTrieve: If the OS is Window$, just right-click the file and the rest will be self-explanatory. I think it’ll work that way on Linux too, and pretty sure on OS X.

Thanks but I’m on Linux, and “the rest” is unfortunately not obvious to me.

please click on the link in my answer, and look out for the huge Button with the obvious Label Download Extension

@karolus & @rautamiekka, I appreciate your help. I downloaded this hours ago, before I asked my first question above. So I’ve got “MRI-1.3.3.oxt”; so what do I do with this file? I’m guessing but not sure if I download and save it. At the moment all of my downloads go to ~/Downloads. …This brings up an additional question. Why is it that so much of the time with Linux I have to spend so much time trying to figure out how to simply install a download? It almost seems like this is deliberate.???

BTW, I just tried opening this downloaded file with Tools - Extension Manager, and it hung my LO.

Now if I discard the crashed LO, and restart, and look at the Extension Manager, it shows, “MRI - UNO Object Inspection Tool 1.3.3; [Orange/yellow warming triangular icon with “!”]; Error: The status of this extension is unknown; MRI - UNO Object Inspection Tool Enable | Remove”

I also found: [Tutorial] Introduction into object inspection with MRI (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum But when I click Help in Extension Manager it just gives me nonsense:

Here are the extension installation instructions: I’ll file a documentation bug report to try and get the Help button to point to this.

I tried the same file on my computer and LO5.2.2.2 just froze until I terminated it, so that addon is broken for 5.x.

@rautamiekka, Try it again. It froze the first time for me but when I tried it again it magically started working. Clearly, there is a bug, but just not sure what triggers it yet. (I’m running LO on Linux Debian Jessie 8.6.)

@EasyTrieve: confirmed, it took some time, LO seemingly freezing but went through.

@EasyTrieve & @rautamiekka - Offline help files have Extension Manager installation etc. Offline help is a separate install from LO and the help version needs to match the installed. The wait experienced is due to the system reading the .otx for the agreement you must accept. Also MRI versions can be gotten here. I use v1.3.2 because I seem to recall a problem with 1.3.3 in Linux.

@Ratslinger: how the does reading a small text file like the agreement take that long ?

It all depends upon the agreement. Some are lengthy.

A file maybe in KB range ain’t enough.

Thank you again Karolus - I have looked at the on-line documentation and it is exactly what I wanted - in fact it is more detailed than I hoped.