How to Keep Discourse Threads Readable and Useful

Some questions on this Q&A site lead to one or more (depending on the number of attempted answers) comment threads. In this way, the topic can become bloated and poorly structured, making it unreadable.

A substantial example with (currently) 0 answers but 25 comments is “Range Names and Cell Positions”, where most comments are not in response to the question but to one of the previous comments, and many are attempted answers to additional questions. The valuable knowledge and also the instructive mistakes gathered there are lost to the community because no one who has not actively participated will find them there.

Has Discourse means to help a trusted user trying to visualise the logical dependencies in a graph with links to the posts?

Supposing the answer concerning such support is “no”: How can the situation be improved?


As far as I have seen, there is (I think at least for higher level -karma- participants the possibility to write a summary. I have seen this button (blue) a few times, 1).
If someone can describe something in more detail (provides a template), I could also put it in the TDF wiki, where it would then be accessible via a link.
It’s just a suggestion.

1) Example:
Range Names and Cell Positions

94231 HB Dieses Thema zusammenfassen

It is something “automatic”. We can’t change it by hand.
Maybe related to replies or likes.

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