How to load external dll


I have to convert an existing VBA macro into a LibreOffice Macro in Basic, to be used in Writer.

In the VBA macro, I can see a reference to a file called MetierCom.tlb, and the code inside the macro is :

        Dim factory As MetierCom.MetierFactory
        Set factory = New MetierCom.MetierFactory
        Dim Maquette As MetierCom.CustomTemplate

I need to write the same code inside my LO macro and I think it should initialize the variables the same way as in VBA, but I don’t know how to load MetierCom.tlb.

In Word, it’s in “References” but I can’t find the equivalent inside Writer…

Could you please help me ?

Your title-question asks for external dll, so maybe the link I searched in the linked thread can help you. But I never tried this, as using dlls directly will be Windows only…