How to make a program that others can run with minimum fuss for Calc?

I have a D&D group that uses spreadsheets to hold character data; I want to be able to run a program from within the spreadsheet, where we can use data from specific cells as inputs, and it spits out the result into the cell it’s called in.

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I’ve got the program working so this works in the command line:

See? Put in 2, 10, 3, and 4, get out 20.

So the question is, what is the simplest way to make it so that I can do something in place of “SomehowCallMyProgram” to actually call the program? Does everyone who would use my program have to set up a Python IDE? Would it be simpler for other users if I wrote the program in BASIC instead python, as it currently is? And also, what do I replace “SomehowCallMyProgram” with to actually call the program?

Code here:

Did you already try opening your existing execl document/s with LO and see if stuff still works?
Best case, you do not have to change anything, if you did not use any “fancy” function/features.

@Fuligina, If you post an example from the file, it would be easier to understand the need. Edit your question and use the clip icon to attach.

I think “minimal fuzz” for everyone of your D&D group would be achieved by porting your “d&” into a macro or formula. But the decision depends a bit on preference and on the complexity of your python script. Could you attach the script so we can estimate how hard it would be to rewrite it as formula/maco?


here is your programm as a BASIC macro. Just put it into Tools → Macros → “Edit Macros” and you can call it from inside any cell via


Here the macro:

Function DIE(uBound As Double)
    DIE=(CInt(1.0 + Rnd() * (uBound - 1.0)))
End Function

Function DCALC(num1 as Integer, num2 as Integer, num3 as Integer, num4 as Integer)
	Randomize() rem init rnd seed with system timer
	Dim damage as Integer	
	damage = 0
	For i = 0 To num1
		damage = damage + DIE(num2)
	damage = damage + (num3*num4)
End Function

Hope that helps.

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Thank you, this is awesome! I appreciate the help. Except that when I use it, I just get num3*num4, so I’ll see if I can fix that. Edit: Figured it out, just added a line to DIE: DIE=RndRange

My Bad, i refactored the name and forgot that. I’ll edit it.