How to make an array of an image in LibreOffice Draw

I want to duplicate a small image of a tree evenly around the borders of an A4 sheet of paper. (Ten across the top and the bottom, and ten down each side.)
I can create and import the image.
How do I duplicate it in an array, with equal spacing between the images?

Select your shape then Edit>Duplicate.

The dialog allows you to select how many instances will be created and how they are offset. Color can also be changed.

If you want to fit exactly in a A4 sheet, you’ll need to do some little arithmetic first to compute the correct distances.

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If it is possible, to avoid the arithmetic, it is easier to use Cross-fading.

Here are the arithmetic:

  • length: 19 cm (page size - margins)
  • image size: 2.5 cm
  • images by side: 10
  • placement value: (length-image size)/(images by side-1), in numbers: (19-2.5)/(10-1)

EDIT: This method works with shapes, but not with grouped shapes nor with bitmap images (.jpeg, .png, etc.).

image description

I think that the easiest way is as follow:

  1. Paste a copy of the image in each corner.
  2. Select two images in the same border.
  3. Choose menu Shape - Cross-fading….
  4. Set Increments: to 8.
  5. OK. This will create a group of 10 images.

Now do the same to the images in the opposite border.

For the two other borders:

  1. Hold Ctrl and click in the image in one corner (this will allow you to access the image within the group).
  2. Hold Ctrl+Shift and click in the image in the other corner, and follow from step 3.

See LibreOffice Help on Cross-Fading Two Objects.

Tested with LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

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