How to open an ods file in excel

I found a patch that helps me open odf files in MS Word and it works fine. Is there a similar patch that allows me to open ods (LO calc) files in MS Excel? I don’t like the idea of opening each ods file manually and saving it as xls.
Thanks in advance.

It’s funny that you ask for a “similar patch” and at the same time don’t provide information about which original “patch that helps open odf files in MS Word” are you talking about. For one, I would be very curious about that.

Please forgive my delay in answering. I am 73 years old and not very well; I had to take to my bed right after I posted. The patch is OdfAddinForOfficeSetup-en_4.0.5309.exe and I got it from Microsoft’s “download” pages. Unfortunately there is no similar patch for Calc/Excel in the MS pages.

Well, that’s not an MS program. I suppose that you came across it on some MS forum, where other people share their experience, and are free to offer any solution, not necessary from MS.

This is the official download page for the program you mentioned; and it claims to support both Word and Excel to open their respective ODF counterparts.

Thanks for your prompt response and info. The thing is that I have been using MS Office since 2003 and have always believed nothing could match it. However, I have been inputting info about my stamp collection in LO Calc and I now realize that it does for me everything I ask it to. So, I think I shall leave well enough alone and stick to LO (Writer and Calc). It’s always up to date and doesn’t cost me a penny except for occasional donations (if there is such a thing). Thanks again and regards.

(I have zero experience with Excel, but:)
This webpage labelled “Microsoft” is claiming Excel 2010 or “higher” can handle (opn and save) .ods files.
Of course, this will not work perfectly.
I have no idea how older Excel might be enabled to do things completely outside of its development goals.
To avoid the effort of touching every single file for conversion by LibreOffice, you may search for “LibreOffice batch conversion”. See this thread in the forum here.

I suppose that you have an older MS Office version, otherwise @Lupp’s advise is the best.

However, you mention that

I don’t like the idea of opening each ods file manually and saving it as xls

I suppose it means that you do have LO installed. If so, then you may use it to batch-convert files to XLS, if you want, and not one-by-one as you mention. You may look here for an example. Feel free to add a comment below if you need further assistance.