How to open docx document with charts created with Word in Writer?

I have a document that was created by MS Word 2007 as docx, this document includes some graphs (charts) that were copied and pasted from MS Excel 2007 File (just copy and paste, no special paste). When I open this document ( the word document), Libreoffice writer 4.1.3 cannot load these graphs(charts) at all, is there any fix or solution for this problem? please help me in this because I am using Ubuntu and I want all my documents to be converted.

Can you change the question to show what your problem is actually about? The answer to “Can somebody help?” is “yes” or “no”, but that is probably not what you want to hear.
As to whether LibreOffice can handle charts from Excel 2007: I don’t know. Can you open the Excel document containing the charts in Calc and see if that works?

I fixed the title to more appropriate one.

Thank you guys, Clac can handle and open the excel document very well and display the charts correctly as it is displayed in MS Excel exactly, but the problem is that writer cannot display these charts when I open the word document that these charts are embedded in. So, is this a kind of bug in writer that is not payed attention to yet, or is it something else?. appreciate your contribution and help and sorry for my English not being good.

What kind of graphs are this? Just wondering how this charts are created in Word as a link to Excel document or something? The best way is to create an image (e.g. png or jpg) and then insert it in Word. Then you will for sure know that this are really images. They should be opened successfully in Writer. Can you still access Word and fix this? Can you post one sample file (if not private content - because it will become public when published on net) on this forum to see if there is something special in this file?

Thanks for your reply, The graphs are Excel charts that represents data collects form experiments related to my final year project in mechanical engineering. however, I created these charts in MS Excel, then i used them in the final report of the project which ( the report ) was created as docx in MS Word 2007, these charts where just copied from the excel document and pasted in the word document as charts not as images. the good news are that Calc open the excel document and display charts correctly, but the bad news are when i open the word document containing these charts in writer, it cannot display the charts at all. I cannot send a copy of these documents because of copyright issues, since the whole work is a cooperation of three student and the university which means that I have to get the consent of the other parties to publish.

As you write that Calc can open the Excel file and display the chart correctly, but Writer does not display the embedded charts, the problem may not be in the way that LibreOffice interprets MS Office charts. It may have something to do with how Excel content is embedded in Word documents that LibreOffice does not understand. It does sound like a bug, for which you may search existing bug reports or create a new report.

In Writer you can also paste charts from Calc (i.e. from Open Document Spreadsheets, or ODS). Since you want to convert your original DocX file to ODT, you could:

  1. save the Excel file(s) as ODS file(s)
  2. save the Word file as ODT file
  3. replace the charts in the ODT file by the corresponding charts in the ODS files.

Such manual work is not ideal, but for single documents it could be a workaround.

Thanks bro, it is really a good idea for a single small document, but for my case it would very laborious to go through 164 pages report, containing around 40 charts, this may take me long time to workaround. But if there is no way that writer can handle this, then I have to do it the way you suggested.
Again, thank you very much for your great suggestion.