How to Open Form With Filled Data [LibreOffice Base]

I would like to have buttons on my form, that open another form, with information filled in the second form, based on information in the current form.

For example, I have customer data on one form. I want to be able to click a “call” button on the customer data form, and open a call form, which tracks phone calls to customers. In this second form, I want the phone number to be auto-filled, along with the current time (the current time doesn’t have to be based on the first form’s time).


The only method to do this is by using macros. You will need to write them based upon your specific requirements. Have posted some samples of doing this. See the answers in these posts and also the links contained within each:

Button to open new form - macro?

Base Macro - Click on Table Row to Open Record

Macros are in the samples provided. Theses samples are to open a form at a new record and also to open at a specific record - your requirement of opening at specific information.

The first link also has a link to LO Base documentation and macro information.