How to print formula and value of a cell same time with out altering the formula or value?

For example, formula of the cell A1 =AVERAGE(1,2,3) and the printout required is AVERAGE(1,2,3) = 2 instead of just its value ie, 2. Is there any way to print BOTH formula and value of a cell in the cell itself with out adding another row, column or cell in the sheet and without altering the formula or value so that any other cells formula (eg: B1= A1*5) linked to this cell is not affected?

there is an extension Display Formula and Result (Value) simultaneously.
This extension displays formula and result (value) same time in a selected cell. For example if the formula of a cell is “=5×6” then the cell display will be “5×6=30”, same time the value (30) and formula (=5×6) of the cell remains unchanged. And as per the question the display in cell B1 will be “A1×5=10”

Hi jjos,

not easy black and white at same time.

But I think there are ways to achieve the result.

in C5: =AVERAGE(1;2;3)
in D5: ==MID(FORMULA(C5);2;99)&"="&C5

hidden column D, you can print what you want and keep the calculations.

To hide the column and have a quick access to hidden/show columns, use:
Menu/Data/Group and Outline,

Verify is enable the option in:
Menu/Tools/Options/LibreOffice calc/View - Window - Outline symbols.

Another option is to have two sheets, one with calculations and second one to print.

Thanks mariosv for the answer.