how to replace excel slicers in a spreadsheet?

Before starting a huge job, I’d appreciate comments: is the suggested approach, to get similar functionality in a certain spreadsheet, OK?

Description of the problem: An Excel worksheet has slicers, filtering data for pivot tables.
The slicers are (of course…) not on the page with the pivot tables.

This Excel worksheet has to be adapted for use in Calc.
How to resolve this?

My take would be:

  1. Add Page fields to the pivot tables.
    These allows to filter, the work that is done by the Slicers in Excel

  2. Add some nice looking table kind of thing in place of the slicers. Where in some way the values for the page fields can be selected/marked.

  3. Create a update-macro that updates the pivot table page fields accordingly to the settings in the ‘tables’

  4. Add a button by the tables, to start the update-macro
    (or use an event-listener (cell-changed), but I’m not a fan of those in Calc basic)

Makes sense, Anything I miss?


For info: questions without ‘solutions’ here:

RFE in Bugzilla

Checked left and right - will go with the outlined idea, mostly.

And post the results here in a week or so.