How to search for hard returns? (Paragraph marks)

I am trying to do a find and replace of hard returns (ENTER only), but it seems like the only type of paragraph ending one can search for is a soft return (SHIFT-ENTER).

Is there a special character sign for hard returns, similar to the \t for tabs?


When you do CTRL + H then you’ll need to enable “regular expressions” (revealed from the “Other options” drop-down), then $ in the search box will find you the hard returns. (It seems to require some text/character(s) following - the last hard-return in the file isn’t found – I think!)

There is some more about this in an earlier Q&A, and also this helpful documentation:

Hope that helps.

Nothing I looked at indicates that there is a way to do this. Sigh. Thanks so much, tho!

I’ve been using the Alternative Dialog Find & Replace extension ( for just such a task. The extension allows you to search for hard carriage returns (\p in the extension’s search field).