How to select multiple pictures in Writer?

I used a lot of pictures in my report. And I have difficulty in managing them.
How to select several pictures in writer? I used shift, ctrl, ctrl shift, they all didn’t work.

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It’s not at all clear what you’re trying to do. To edit them, you can only edit them one at a time.
You should be able to select multiples with ctrl-click, but that won’t allow you to manage them, only, perhaps, delete them all at once.

I’m having the same difficulty - I can’t select multiple images in order to group them. Ctrl-click just opens up a drop down menu, and then if I click on a second image then only that image is selected (can’t select 2 at a time). Any assistance appreciated! Thanks!

Not really a work around for a 30 page document. This is a FATAL FLAW. Sorry but I cant use a program that will not let me group several images on the page. JF

This is not an answer. Even if intended as a comment, everything after the first sentence is not relevant or constructive.

Dear Tony, thank you.
I tried ctrl + click it wont let me select several pictures.
I need to select several pictures in writer, then align them or group them. Grouping means I might need to select pictures and some text boxes or diagram.
Appreciate your help.

This is indeed frustrating in Writer, but you can accomplish the same thing in Draw. A little bit of a pain to integrate with text, but usually a functional workaround.

It is currently not possible to select multiple raster images. The related enhancement request is fdo#34442. This question may also be related if the work includes vector objects and you are seeing strange selection behaviour.

I checked that “enhancement request” - it set to “medium.” I just installed v. on a Win 7 computer and the problem still exists. For anyone migrating away from MS Word, this is a serious, significant bug - not just a needed “enhancement.” Especially for those of us using word processors to create instructions.

How can the “Importance” be elevated to Critical?

Note: the Help file says use Shift+click, which does not, of course, work.

“For anyone migrating away from MS Word, this is a serious, significant bug”. I appreciate that it may affect your personal workflow, but in perspective it does not cause data loss (blocker/critical), or prevent access to some area (high). There are strict guidelines put in place by QA to prioritise bugs. The flowchart in that link indicates on what basis these fields are set.


As said only Draw allows to select multiples pictures. There are some further possibilities for Writer:

  • Anchoring to the same paragraph
  • Inserting in a table
  • Inserting by filling of a drawn object

They are detailed in this wiki page


All you need to do is to create new drawing file by click on file >new>drawing then paste your pictures in this file. Now you can either by Ctrl+A or by Drug your mouse over all the pictures that you want to select then right click to do grouping or any other actions.

Thanks, this is a great suggestion and it works a dream. I tried to upvote it, but I’m still a newby.

Unfortunately for me these workarounds don’t work. I need to select multiple lines that I’ve added to a table in order to change their thickness. Can’t do that by drawing a rectangle around the lines. These lines are spanning across many cells. if anyone has a suggestion, Im all ears!

Thanks, Ingrid