How to show formula in calc

I’m trying to show formulas in a Calc sheet, but when I click on menu->options->Calc->Show->Formula then I see the all the formulas in all sheets. Is there a way to see the formulas in an only one sheet?

See To view ALL formula on Spreadsheet

Maybe this extension can help:

@mariosv - Thanks for this hint. This is already better than the default Calc and pretty close to below sketched enhancement request.Maybe someone will enhance the extension a bit so that the longer formulas overlay neighboring cells to show longer formulas. Thereafter it would be nice to have this in the Calc default version.

To the best of my knowledge it is not possible to show formulas in some cells and show not in other. Cells styles do not allow this.

However, it would be a great enhancement to have a tool bar button to toogle “show formulas” and “show values” for selected areas (= one or more cells). May I recommend you to file an enhancement request here.

It would be nice if you would then indicate the bug number here so others could add comments to your enhancement reqeust.