How to speed up opening LO?

I’ve been deploying LO on windows machines. When on older netbooks with Atom processors, the first opening per session is painfully slow - some 20 seconds on some machines, despite the preloader.

This is a problem I’d like to remedy, and am looking for suggestions. So far I have turned on the preloader, and that generally helps quite a bit. I also have disabled Java and the experimental features, such as macro recording, on the theory that they take resources. I’m still getting large delays on some systems. Today I got one on an Atom N270 running XP on 1GB RAM. This generally is a pretty speedy system for its configuration, and I’d like to do better.

Once start center is open, opening a blank Writer or Calc document takes a little time - more than I would like, but not too bad.

Is there any way to only install the most often used components of LO - Writer, Calc, Impress - and would doing so speed up the initial opening of the Start Center? (Subsequent openings are very fast, the way I would like it to be, so it must be a question of loading something into RAM.) Or any other ideas?


I’m afraid there’s no way without fixing the slowness on source code level; is the last LO4 and it has at least twice higher loading speed (likely understated cuz when I tried it was like 5 times faster loading something that LO5 took an age).

I wonder why I receive no notification of your reply.

Anyway, thanks. I’m not going back to LO4, so I’m stuck with what I have.I’m pretty happy with the prog, and I trust the code is getting better. Hopefully there will be other ideas, but meanwhile thanks much for your perspective.

Also, usually the opening speed is acceptable with the preloader in operation, even on these netbooks. It’s just that on some machines it doesn’t seem to help much.

@paul1149: Then upgrade to a new version as one comes out, first taking a pre-release of Beta and higher (, then a Fresh (, then a Still ( Make sure to use a 64-bit variant. If you notice a worse performance in later version, open a new report at with that …

… offending version selected, §[LOADING]§ tag if loading a file is slower, and … and give an example file, among other info. Pre-releases and Freshes may be less-tested but usually errors are fixed in newer version, and if not you can complain.

I’ll keep the 64 bit advice in mind for larger systems. But most of the machines that I have this problem with are 32 bit systems, so it won’t help my specific problem here. I’ve also updated my repository to 5.0.2. Thanks, I appreciate your reply.