how to split screen vertically

I want to split the screen view vertically

Splitting of the view is only feasible in Calc. There you can use the method @Ratslinger described or (dragging with the mouse) the tiny splitter controls at the right end of the horizontal scrollbar and at the top end of the vertical scrollbar. In addition there is the “freezing” of top rows and leftmost columns, also available from the View menu, with a partly similar effect.
All the other document classes do not allow a genuine splitting. However, you can create more than one window for the same document via Window > New, and then arrange the windows on your desktop at your option.

@Lupp Thank You. Forgot about the splitter controls.


Please be a bit more specific when asking a question. For example, are you talking about a Base Form? A Query? A Writer Document? Most likely not.

With an educated guess you are referring to Calc. From the menu View->Split Window will split the view above & to the left of the currently selected cell. So if you only want a vertical split, select a cell in row one first.

In OS Windows with the keys “Windows” + “Arrow left” (for example for Window_1) and “Windows” + “Arrow right” (for example for Window_2).

All Windows shortcuts can be found here: